Chapters of ‘Essentials in Cybercrime’ available in open access

On 22 December 2021, our book ‘Essentials in cybercrime. A criminological overview for education and practice’ (edited by W. van der Wagen, J.J. Oerlemans & M. Weulen Kranenbarg) was published.

Our book is intended for students and professionals and offers insight into the various manifestations and features of cybercrime, offender and victim characteristics, quantitative and qualitative methods for studying crime in the digital domain, criminological theories that can be used to understand cybercrime, as well as possible interventions.

In addition to criminological aspects, the book also deals with a number of legal topics, including the criminalisation of cybercrime (under the Convention on Cybercrime) and the investigative powers that can be used by the police in the online domain.

My chapters ‘Types of cybercrime and their criminalisation’ (.pdf) (together with dr. Wytske van der Wagen) and ‘Cybercrime investigations’ (.pdf) (together with dr. Maša Galič) are now available in open access.

The rest of the is available at the store of Eleven Publishing (with Chapter 1 freely available) and stores like

Table of contents:

Chapter 3 – Types of cybercrime and their criminalisation

Jan-Jaap Oerlemans & Wytske van der Wagen

3.1         Introduction

3.2         Cyber-dependent crime

3.2.1     Hacking Computer hacking Ethical hacking

3.2.2     Malware Ransomware

3.2.3     Botnets

3.2.4     Ddos attacks

3.3         Cyber-enabled crime

3.3.1     Cyber-enabled fraud

3.3.2     Online drug trafficking

3.3.3      Money laundering and virtual currency

3.3.4     Online sex offences Child pornography Sexting Grooming Sextortion Revenge porn

3.3.5     Content crimes

3.4         Future developments

3.4.1     Increased involvement of state actors

3.4.2     The ‘internet of things’

3.4.3     The use of artificial intelligence by cybercriminals

3.5         To conclude

3.6         Discussion questions

3.7         Core concepts

Please cite as:

Oerlemans, J.J., & Van der Wagen, W. (2022). Types of cybercrime and their criminalisation. In Essentials in cybercrime: A criminological overview for education and practice. Eleven International Publishing, 53-98.

Table of contents

Chapter 8 – Cybercrime investigations

Jan-Jaap Oerlemans & Maša Galič

8.1         Introduction

8.2         Digital investigations and criminal procedure law

8.2.1     Regulating investigative methods

8.2.2     Jurisdiction and cybercrime

8.3         IP addresses as digital leads

8.3.1      Data production and preservation orders

8.3.2     Seizing and analysing data on computers

8.3.3     Network computer searches

8.4         The challenge of anonymity

8.4.1     Proxy and VPN services

8.4.2     Tor

8.4.3     Open source investigations

8.4.4     Online undercover operations

8.5         The challenge of encryption

8.5.1     Encryption in storage

8.5.2     Encryption in transit

8.5.3     Hacking as an investigative method

8.6         Disrupting cybercrime

8.7         To conclude

8.8         Discussion questions

8.9         Core concepts

Please cite as:

Oerlemans, J.J. & Galič, M. (2022). Cybercrime investigations. In Essentials in cybercrime: A criminological overview for education and practice. Eleven International Publishing, 197-254.